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Don’t Let Your Own Yard Work Result in an Urgent Care Center Visit

With all the leaves falling during autumn, you’re bound to spend lots of time handling yard work this season. As with any physical chore, however, there is always a risk of injury. Lift something the wrong way and your back might give out; if you’re not mindful, you might trip on a garden tool; rake leaves non-stop and you might strain a back muscle.


If you want to avoid an unexpected visit to a San Jose urgent care center, take heed of these simple gardening safety tips.

Wear Safety Gear

Many gardening-related injuries can be prevented by just wearing the proper gear. For instance, wearing gloves will protect your fingers from pesky cuts, splinters or thorns. If you’re chopping wood or trimming branches, donning safety glasses will prevent debris from flying into your eyes. Of course, wearing non-slip shoes will minimize the risk of slips and falls, especially when autumn rains roll in or wet leaves paste themselves to walkways.

Know Your Equipment

Got a new lawnmower or utility chainsaw? Don’t be a know-it-all; make sure to read the instruction manual carefully, including the safety precautions. While such tools can make your yard work easier, improper use can injure.

Mind that Ladder!

Cleaning out the gutters is another autumn must-do. When using a ladder to reach the gutters, make certain you’re placing it on a level surface so it doesn’t wobble. If you’re using the ladder near a door, make sure to lock the door first so that no one accidentally opens it and knocks out the ladder as a result.

Rake Carefully

With all the leaves piling up, it is very easy for tools such as rakes to become buried out of view. If you or your children accidentally step on them, you may incur serious wounds. To be safe, stand yard tools upright and store all your implements in a locked shed or container.

When raking, practice proper form: Keep your back straight and turn your entire upper body with each sweep instead of just twisting at the waist.

Pace Yourself

Last but not the least, make sure to pace yourself while working in the yard. Tackling too much too soon will only increase your risk of injuries. For example, if raking, take a break every 15 minutes and alternate between the left and right sides of your body.

While yard work is an inescapable part of your autumn agenda, injuries are not. But, if you do incur sprains, strains or pains, don’t hesitate to find urgent care in San Jose.

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