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Urgent Care in San Jose Talks About the Mental Benefits of Running

This coming September 10th, the Color in Motion 5K Race in San Jose will be officially firing its gun and starting the fun. As the name of the event suggests, you can expect to have a very colorful time by the time you get to the finish line. Indeed, its activities like these that make an already fun concept even greater.

More than just giving you loads of laughter and fantastic health benefits, did you know that running is actually also good for your state of mind? An urgent care in San Jose dishes out the details on why running is good for your mental state.

mental benefits of running

Stress Reduction

Foremost among the mental benefits of running would be this: Running, they say, helps boost the serotonin levels in your brain, which then translates to a more positive mood. You probably can relate to this best if you think about all the other times that you felt exhausted or frustrated with work, and you end up going out for a run to let off steam.

As your heart gets pumping and your blood flow increases and provides better circulation, you feel a certain calm wash over you. The sweat, meanwhile, feels cathartic and cleansing, as they literally help detoxify your body.

Helps Fight Depression

Apart from the serotonin levels, your brain also releases more endorphins, otherwise known as the happy chemical. The more you run, the more your body responds by releasing these chemicals in your brain, which is then why you experience an improvement in your emotional state.

Elicits Calm

Many runners describe about how calm they feel when they allow themselves to let go of all their worries and just focus on the path ahead as they run. It’s almost meditative, which is why many also go for a run when they want to clear their heads before making an important decision or when they’re trying to come up with a new idea.

For most, it certainly is a good meditative practice to just listen to their feet pounding against the ground as they run. The sound it makes becomes a sort of rhythm to follow, which then helps you focus on your own thoughts, making the perfect scenario to tap into your inner sense of peace and calm.

Of course, all these mental benefits will all be for naught if you’re not careful enough and trip or fall while running. Pay attention to where you’re going, but if you still end up getting injured, then head over to a San Jose urgent care center like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group for proper remedies.


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