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Urgent Care in San Jose Gives Tips for the Upcoming Costume Fun Run

As marathons continue to be a trend among fitness buffs, events become more and more creative. Take for example this year’s Virtual Costume Party Run. Kicking off on May 19, it’s set to run until the last day of 2016, December 31.

Costume Fun Run

How could a marathon take that long to finish when the course is only a mere 5K? That’s because this is a virtual event. Meaning, folks just have to register online so that they can get their “kits,” which include a Costume Party Run Trucker Hat and a “ginormous” finisher medal dubbed to be the largest ever given out for 5K finishers.

Participants can choose their own 5K anywhere within United States, so you can bring as many family and friends as you want to cheer you on.

Before embarking on your run; however, you must first prepare for it. This is particularly true if you have not been in the best shape for a while. Fortunately, here are some simple tips from a local urgent care center in San Jose that can help you out.

Train for the Big Day

Sure, it’s all for fun–you even get to wear a costume! It’s also just a short distance. If you’re thinking these are reasons for you to slack off, you’re wrong.

If you do not train for the event, your strength and endurance will be affected, which in turn will make you unfit to complete the 5K.


Depending on the costume you’ll be wearing, you could at risk of fast dehydration, or worse, heatstroke. That’s why it’s crucial that you replenish with lots of water. You’ll be working up a good sweat for sure, so you should replace those lost liquids fast.

As you’re basically on your own during this virtual fun run, you’re in charge of bringing your own supply of refreshments, too. The good news is that you’ll have friends and family with you so you can delegate that task to them.

Bring A First Aid Kit

You never know if you’ll fall and cut a wound open, or if you’ll twist an ankle or break a bone. It’s best to be prepared for any possible scenario during the run, which includes making sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit with you.

Of course, your first aid kit is just for a fast response if you are injured. For a more thorough and proper treatment, head over to a reliable San Jose urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks.

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