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Local Urgent Care Reminds Attendees to Wash Farmers’ Market Produce

Events like the Downtown Farmers’ Market hosted by Kaiser Permanente gives local folks an opportunity to learn more about the better food choices they actually have out there. The farmer’s market, open every Friday from 10AM to 2PM beginning on May 6th, is a great way for everyone to not only have access to the freshest, healthiest produce, but also to build and foster a sense of community with the other local attendees.

Keeping Fresh Produce Fresh

Of course, it’s going to be a busy day, for sure. You would want to make sure you get the best products possible from the market, and keep their quality that way even as you spend your day walking through the many different stalls. A local urgent care in San Jose reminds folks about the importance of washing your fruits and vegetables to ensure to keep them safe for food preparation.


It cannot be stressed enough the importance of washing them before eating—even if they are certified organic. This is because they are still prone to contamination, whether from the soil they come from, or in their handling. Live bacteria may be on their surface, and taking a good, chunky bite off that apple without washing it clean first can easily transfer that to you instead.

Risk Samples

You can, for example, get E.Coli from unwashed vegetables or fruits. True, it is commonly known to be present in meat, but the bacteria can actually thrive even in vegetables. They get there through the soil which then attaches itself to the produce. The first step to washing them clean, therefore, is to make sure you wash the soil off first.

The best way to do this is to first brush off any dry soil on the produce before washing it under running water. This way, you’ll deal with fewer dust and soil when you wash it with water, and then rub the surface off any sediment. Make sure to repeat the process a couple of times just to make sure that you don’t leave anything on it, too. Should you feel ill after eating produce, and suspect you may have caught a bug from it, don’t hesitate to seek help from a San Jose urgent care center like US HealthWorks.


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